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Sons In Retirement San Juan Branch 102 Carmichael, California

Sons In Retirement Incorporated, or SIR, is a public benefit organization providing for the welfare of retired men from all walks of life who are pursuing a common goal, namely, the enjoyment of their later years with dignity and pride, by assisting these senior citizens to renew former friendships and associations and affording them an opportunity to make new friends through association with other retired men who also face the particular problems that confront men upon their retirement.

Branch 102 meets on the second Tuesday each month, at the Carmichael Elks Lodge 5631 Cypress Ave Carmichael CA . We have over 200 active members and our members organize many separate activities which are listed in the menu at the top menu bar under activities If there’s an activity you are interested in, and we don’t offer it, please let the Activity Coordinator know about it.

Membership: If you are interested in becoming a member, and don’t know any Sirs, please see the Membership page at the top menu bar. There you will find out who to contact to start the easy application process.

If you have a friend who is a SIR, he can start the process by simply inviting you to lunch.

We are a very friendly group of retired men, and we subscribe to the motto at the top of the page! Come and see who we are, then get involved in any of our wide choice of activities. Enjoy your retirement to the fullest!



2014 Big SIR: Don Whalen
More Random Thoughts: I know you probably haven’t been, but I have been thinking about officers for next year! I have appointed a nominating committee of Gary Bohn, Chairman; Marty Owen, Jeff Dye, and Gilbert Anderson as members. They will be going through the process of finding candidates for next year. Too many times we just expect the people in office to volunteer to stay or advance to another position. I would like to see this passive attitude changed. Let’s have some new volunteers to challenge the so called “incumbents.” I believe if you belong to an organization you should be willing to volunteer to do some of the work. This has been my philosophy in any organization I have chosen to be a part of. It has been very rewarding, allowing me to meet a lot of different people and provided me with a lot of good experiences. Please think about volunteering for one of the positions. Talk to the people on the committee and break the mold.
And Another: I hate to nag; (I really don’t) BUT, please remember to not pass the Badge bag up until the Speaker has finished.


2014 Little SIR: Dick Coleman

I've received many favorable comments about March's speaker, Harry Dunlop. His stories of a 50 year career in pro baseball was both informative and humorous. I hope you enjoyed him too. April's speaker has yet to be determined.
Book Swap: Last meeting's book turnout was lower than usual. Please bring your unwanted books to the next meeting.
Thanx, Dick


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